About Us

Farrington envisions a world in which every child has access to nature; every child learns that nature is a powerful source of health and happiness; and every child believes that stewardship of nature strengthens communities.

Farrington Memorial was established upon the death of Charles F. Farrington in 1907 to honor his parents, Ebenezer Trescott Farrington and Eliza Delano Farrington.

In his will, Charles Farrington asked his trustees to purchase a “healthy and beautiful locality to which children may be sent for a longer or shorter time to recuperate their health and draw new life, physical, mental and moral, to meet the responsibilities that may come to them.”

In July of 1912, the Farrington Memorial, opened its doors to care for undernourished girls who needed a temporary stay in the country to recuperate. Since then we have lived our mission in many different ways.

In 2011, we renamed ourselves Farrington Nature Linc as a way of better expressing the work we do providing children from low-income, urban communities equitable access to and immersive participation in nature.

Farrington Nature Linc’s mission is to enhance the well-being of children from low-income communities through a connection with the natural world. Our 75 acres of woodlands, fields and ponds near Boston are dedicated to providing respite and inspiration for children who might not otherwise have this opportunity.

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