At Farrington Nature Linc

We believe All children need to connect with nature.


why nature matters…


minutes a day

15-45 minutes a day in a city park, even one with pavement and street noise, are enough to improve mood, vitality and feelings of restoration.


Years old

Early exposure to nature, particularly time spent in nature before the age of 11, is especially important in building a life long connection to nature.


Hours a Month

is the amount of time a human being needs to spend in nature every month to be mentally and physically healthy. People who are part of low-income communities are less likely to have access to green space near them and fewer resources to travel to it.


It was one of the best experiences our group has had on such a nature focused trip. There were a lot of first time experiences and a lot of fears faced— it was a great day for team building and trying new things.
— Visiting Camp DIrector

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