February Vacation Visits


Sledding, snowshoeing, hot chocolate, and a story by the fire....what could be better on a winter's day? Over February school vacation week, a total of 79 youth across four groups got the chance to enjoy an outdoor adventure as such. After most of the winter had passed with little snow, a snowstorm early in the week meant the joyful ability to try sledding and snowshoeing, both of which were new opportunities for many youth and staff. Our favorite part about exploring in the snow? Animal tracking is surely up there. Deer tracks abounded, lacing our woods, trails, and frozen ponds with signs of their movement and inspiring visiting youth to imagine a day in the life of a deer. On our hike, we also spotted plenty of other signs of animal life, from scat, to tree buds and sapling bark gnawed away--two of deer's favorite winter eats. Kids left their visits in awe of how much life is out there in the forest, even in the snowy heart of winter! And, now that winter is over? We're looking forward to warmer weather, with April vacation week programs taking place and summer on the horizon.

Wendy Matusovich