2016 Summer Program Wrap Up



Another summer has come and gone, and while the leaves change, we wanted to share a brief recap of our summer program.   This July and August, our 9 youth staff, Lead Counselor, and Program Director (plus 3 additional staff members on call) served 1,076 youth. More than the volume of youth on the property, though, we also provided deeper and richer connections to nature for a larger number of children this summer through overnights and Explore Clubs including 84 youth from four different groups who spent the night under the stars camping on our property.

In addition, our long standing partnership with Cambridge Adventure Day Camp changed from a one-week program serving a smaller number of youth to a 3-day visit for their entire upper camp.  We also shifted another Cambridge Camping group,  Daybreak, from multiple visits to a model that is more in line with our Explore programs.  These two changes meant that 234 youth participated in our Explore programs, a series of visits that built upon each other and provided opportunities for each child to pick their own “Nature Club” based on their personal interest.

Despite the heat, drought (and unfortunately timed rain), the summer was once again filled with lots of smiles and joy, both on the faces of our visiting campers AND our staff.  Thank you to all the staff, visiting counselors, volunteers, donors and youth that made this summer so successful!

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