April Vacation Overview 2015

885693_899212060142195_2554532034785929359_oThe end of April has been a very busy time over at Farrington Nature Linc! 125 students came out from 5 programs in Boston and Cambridge over April Vacation Week for a day of spring activities. The week brought us a spectrum of spring weather. What started off warm quickly became chilly sub-50 degrees and grey. Two days, we even made hot chocolate for kids to warm up after an afternoon of games and hiking outside. It was a great week for animals at Farrington. Over the course of the week, we saw wild turkeys, snakes, frogs, and frog eggs. One group saw 5 garter snakes on one hike! It is always amazing how a group goes from rambunctious and talkative to focused and silent as soon as someone spots an animal.

This year, to prep for April Vacation, we stocked up on a variety of rain boots so all of our visitors (kids and adults) could go on hikes without worrying the high mud levels would ruin their shoes. Many commented on how weird, wild, and wonderful it was to be able to walk in the mud on the trail. Others marveled at how bouon the bridge 2ncy moss was, or how rocks could be slides if they were big enough.

As we hiked over our boardwalk, we took a moment to sit silently, observing the spring meltwater filling our vernal pools, listening to the sounds of woodpeckers and song birds, and watching water striders flit across the water. Some even noticed frogs in the water they missed as we had been walking previously.

We ended most hikes with an opportunity to climb on our giant rock, learning to use 3 points of contact to stay safe and stable while climbing. It was wonderful to see the look of pride on the faces of youth that proclaimed “I’m stuck,” but then found their own way to navigate their bodies safely down the rock. When we came back to the farm house, many were torn when asked what their favorite part was between climbing the rock, sitting on the boardwalk, or seeing the animals.

All told, it was a wonderful week outside at Farrington, anour froggy friendd we look forward to seeing many of these same kids back out in the summer time, when they will get a chance to walk on dry land where once there was only mud.