Excerpts from Staff Daily Journals

Every day our staff journal about the days activities. It's a time to reflect on who they met, what they learned and how the day went. Below are some excerpts from this year's staff.

From Marc: On Friday B Safe came to Farrington, Andy and I managed the pond activity because of our expert frog catching abilities. Most of the kids really enjoyed catching frogs and tadpoles the only problem was that it was colder than the day before so all the frogs were hiding. While we were on the trail walking to the pond all of the kids built up this anticipation of what the pond was going to be like. They asked questions like “will there be sharks?” and “can I catch a sword fish?”. The question time is always the best time because it gives the staff at Farrington time to clear up any misinformation and lets us nourish the young minds with the truth about what goes on just outside their doors. Today, kids are constantly barraged with the new found tech world and screen after screen of Angry Birds and Doodle Jump. Programs like Farrington are teaching the future of America to respect all forms of life and to not take nature for granted by ignoring it and neglecting it but embracing it. I love working at Farrington because of this. It feels good to make a difference.

From Cleeford: Hi my name is Cleeford Alphonse, in this little paragraph I’m going to write about the day I led the games all by myself. It was 7/24/12 and I had to go to the pond with my friends Anthony and Marc to go take the kids to the pond. I didn’t really like the pond that much so my other friend Andy decided to switch activities with me. Now I’m here leading games all by myself and I’m playing water dodge ball with the kids and they are really enjoying and the kids that came were from CADC (Cambridge Adventure Day Camp) and one of the counselors that came used to be my counselor when I went to CADC. The moment that was most remembered about that was when we were playing I guess that the kids decided to double team her and one of the kids hit her in the face with a water sponge and her hair was in a bun and it just flew out as she was falling and a kid hit her in the stomach which was pretty funny. Later after that I got the hose and I started spraying her with water and for the rest of the day she was trying to get me back by getting me wet, which she eventually did but it was fine because that day was just fun and it was nice to see my old counselor. I guess that was the working day of the summer for me.

From Justin: This is my first year here at Farrington and it is going well. My first time here was in 7th grade on a school trip because of my art teacher Kelley who worked here at Farrington. We had different activities and were split up into groups. We had sports, art, animals and I think we were shown the pond. My favorite was the sports because we got to play kick ball and the game went on forever. Coming here I thought I was going to be bored but went home tired from having too much fun, that is why I work here now because I loved it ever since middle school. Now that I am one of the staff members I can watch other children do the same while I still have fun as well doing other activities.