First Week of Summer Program

20140629_094427We’ve had a great first week of our summer program!  Over 3 days, we had four groups visit our property, bringing 120 campers and 20 teens to our site.  Our returning staff did a great job of catching up to speed, and our new staff are filling in, learning the ropes, and adding their own spin on activities already. In addition to the campers, we have our new animals.  This year’s roster includes two goats, a sheep, two rabbits, and three chickens.  These chickens are easter eggers- they lay green eggs! Look at how cute they are.

Those eggs are a staff and camper favorite.  Of course, some of our animals start off a little shy.  When we have a few spare moments, staff spend time socializing our rabbits and sheep.  Usually by late July, they make up quite the friendly crew.  The goats and chickens on the other hand, they start off the summer eager to make friends!

The only downside to the week has been the heat. It's been way too hot! Our staff and campers alike have held up well with lots of time in the shade, cool water, sprinklers, and everyone’s favorite- water dodgeball.P1030204

6 more weeks of programming to go, and we are starting strong!