Lincoln METCO Visit

10170464536_d1bc84a657_zAnts, spiders, bugs and worms! A group of 12 Lincoln METCO students returned to Farrington for their second visit in early May and got up-close and personal with creepy crawlers in the garden. They came to help us kick off the Children’s Garden with some early season preparations. There is a lot of work that needs to be done in a garden before you can plant! We got straight to work preparing the beds by clearing leaves and debris, pulling weeds, and turning the soil. As we worked in the soil we soon found that many creatures enjoy the nutritious garden soil. We found worms that help break down the soil and provide accessible nutrients for plants, and we also found spiders that tested our limits of digging in the dirt.

After preparing the beds, the group got to work planting peas, beans, carrots, and radishes. We sprinkled the seeds in rows, covered them with soil, and patted the seed down for good luck. While clearing some weeds around a bed, one girl found a set of onions growing, possibly a remnant from last year’s garden. The youth decided that we should replant these onions in the garden with the other root vegetables and see if they continue to grow!

We finished off the day by watering the seeds to give them a kick-start for the growing season. The students were eager to harvest the vegetables, but will need to come back in the fall to see the outcome! Hopefully they will be able to come by for another visit in July to see the result of all their hard work. Thank you Lincoln METCO for preparing the garden with us!