Survey highlights: in the kids words

P1030265At the end of almost every day at Farrington, participants finish their day by completing a short survey.  Sometimes, these snapshots of their days are absolutely perfect, so we thought we’d share a couple of then with you now. One thing I will tell my friends and family about today is…

…to go there!

…that they didn’t get to go (I’m gonna brag)

…Nature Linc Rocks!

…I saw a lot of animals.   Saw birds, goats, sheeps, and bunnies.  We made s’mores too!  I fed the goats and the sheep and held the bunnies.  We slept in a tent and I woke EVERYONE up!

…take me there and come with me!


When I came here, I thought…


B)      It will be good

C)      I would get lost in the woods and be scared


But now I think


B)      THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

C)      I’d go further for the frogs.


My least favorite part about my trip was…

…the bus ride


…I’m really excited to come!


One question I still have is…

…Why do you call it a farm if there are no cows? (Answer, we don’t call ourselves a farm.)

…What are we doing next year?!!!


That’s an excellent question, camper!  Guess you’ll have to come back and find out.



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