Wendy Matusovich joins Farrington


LINCOLN, MA – Wendy S. Matusovich has joined Farrington Memorial Inc., as the first strategic director of the 100-year-old children’s organization. She will head up efforts to expand opportunities for children from low-income communities to connect with nature, the land, and outdoor fun and self-discovery at Farrington’s 75-acre property here.

“Farrington is such an amazing place. I’m excited to help grow the organization to provide more ways to connect children with nature,” said Matusovich, who comes to Farrington from the charitable organization Farm Aid, Inc.

Farrington currently runs a summer program for visiting day camps, and, over its history, has hosted a number of programs for children to enjoy its woodlands, fields, ponds and farmland. Matusovich is working with Farrington’s Board of Trustees to complete a comprehensive plan for expanding to year-round use and deepening children’s experiences of nature and agriculture.

“There are so many children who could benefit from spending time at Farrington- walking the trails, visiting the vernal pools and pond or playing with the farm animals. I hope that within the next few years we can have children at Farrington every day,” she said.

Her first efforts will be directed to increasing public knowledge of what Farrington has to offer and reaching out to individuals and organizations that share Farrington’s vision for bringing urban children into nature.

“Wendy has the energy, smarts, organizational ability and creativity to bring our vision to reality,” said Mary Ann Ashton, vice president of the board. “And she genuinely cares that children today – particularly low-income urban children -- don’t spend enough time outdoors.”

Before joining Farrington, Matusovich was the Resource Development Director for Farm Aid, Inc. in Somerville. She holds degrees from Brown University and Lesley University and serves on the board of the Odyssey Day School. She and her husband have two young daughters.

Farrington Memorial Inc is a non-profit private foundation dedicated to enhancing the well-being of children from low-income communities through a connection with the natural world. Its 75 acres of woodlands, fields and ponds near Boston are dedicated to providing respite and inspiration for children who might not otherwise have this opportunity.

For more information, please contact Wendy Matusovich at Wendy@NatureLinc.org