Clipper Ship Foundation funds overnight camping!

In July of 2013 Farrington received funding from the Clipper Ship Foundation to add an overnight component to our current Nature Linc program. In particular, we wanted to increase the number of groups who choose to stay for a campfire or a full overnight. Through outreach to existing campers and new groups, we were successful in getting six groups to try an overnight experience with us between July 2013 and July 2014. We’ve welcomed a total of 111 children so far and are expecting 10 more children later in the summer.

The funding provided by Clipper Ship allowed us to encourage new groups to stay. They gave all these children an amazing summer experience of camping out under the stars!

Here is the list of groups that participated in overnights at Farrington:

  1. Chinatown Adventure Camp 2013, 26 youth
  2. Cambridge Community Center 2013, 10 youth
  3. Franklin IO 2014, 23 youth
  4. Margaret Fuller House (half overnight) 2014, 25 youth
  5. Chinatown Adventure Camp 2014, 27 youth
  6. Cambridge Community Center 2014, 10 youth expected

Throughout their day at Farrington, the children explored the barn, trails, ponds and woods. They played in the open fields, gardens, and interacted with our chickens, rabbits, sheep and goats. In addition, our program director created successful new programming for the overnights.  For the lengthier afternoon hours, children practiced engineering with natural materials through fort building.  They flexed their creative muscles with new art activities, including clay animals and water colors.

Into the evening hours, they learned about evening animals through nature games before practicing their fox walks and deer ears on night hikes into the woods.  Older children learned about constellations and practiced their hand-eye coordination making star cards they could take home with them, and after dark, they used mobile apps to explore the night sky up close. Afterward, they learned how to pitch a tent. Then they ended the day around the campfire with an evening circle chat, complete with s’mores. Finally they went off to their tents to sleep under the stars.

The entire experience was magical - especially for children who had never camped before. Everyone involved, including Farrington staff, visiting program counselors/chaperones and the children, expressed the desire to repeat the experience.