Week 5

This week, brought 4 more groups out to Farrington, and 3 different groups headed down to the pond.  After a thunderstorm that led to one cancellation in the morning, the final Malden Housing Families group came out.  Though a small crew, they thoroughly enjoyed their experience.  One even said, “If there is a zombie apocalypse, I’m coming here!  They’ve got chickens, gardens, everything here!”  As a special treat, we visited the garden and made a tasty snack with fresh vegetables and butter they made themselves! On Tuesday morning, we took a staff visit to the pond, since we would be headed there for the first time this summer later in the week!  The staff caught lots of aquatic insects, practiced their introductions with a partner, and got their feet wet (literally and figuratively) so we can take full use of the pond now that the water level is low enough to be usable again!

Daybreak also took their last visit to Farrington this summer.  A large group took a trip down to the pond and tried their hand catching and identifying aquatic insects.  Others stayed to make leaf art, visit our garden, or hang out with our farm animals again.  The group finished up their time with a delicious and relaxing barbecue.  As the same group visits three times over the course of the summer, they really get a feel for the place, and will return next year excitedly looking for all that they saw and learned this year as well.

The week ended with a visit from our final B-SAFE group of the summer, Holy Spirit.  The groups found tadpoles this time, and even a walking stick insect.  They also tried their hand at making clay animals, some modeled after the animals on our property they got a chance to visit up close.  After the group left, we said goodbye to our first staff member of the summer, Cliff, who will be gone to visit family and friends in Haiti in August.