Week 4 in Review

20140727_121123Our beloved Program Director, Brianne, attended an educational conference this week (the Children & Nature Networks Natural Leaders Program), leaving our Lead Counselor, Tiferet, in charge. We also welcomed last year’s Lead Counselor, Myra, back with open arms to join us for a few programs. Cambridge Adventure Day Camp, the Margaret Fuller House, Boston Refugee Youth Enrichment Program, and Chinatown Adventure all visited us for a day during this fun-filled week. In all, we welcomed 100 campers from many different Boston communities. Our first sunflower bloomed in the garden. We harvested carrots and cucumbers for the first time this week, as well.

On Tuesday, the Margaret Fuller House stayed for a late evening, adding a cookout and a campfire to our filled-to-the-brim regular day of programming. The campers enjoyed the extra time at Farrington, staying cool in the sprinklers, and supplementing their burgers and hot dogs with a freshly harvested salad from our educational garden. By the end of the day, our staff, as well as the campers, was exhausted, but we were happy we could watch the sunset over the forest.

On Thursday night, Chinatown Adventure came for an overnight. We thought it was going to rain (as it does every time CHAD comes out!) but fortunately, the weather was perfect! There was constant sunshine, but it was never too hot. Everyone had a wonderful time, playing outside, making stick forts, making fresh butter and meeting our garden critters, petting the rabbits and hens and feeding our goats and sheep!  The campfire burned hot and everyone got enough sleep (as far as we could tell). We couldn’t have asked for a better time with these enthusiastic campers.

We can’t wait to see what next week has in store for all our young visitors and us!