Week 3


This week at Farrington four groups came out to visit. Malden Housing Families, Boston Refugee Youth Enrichment Program, Daybreak, and Hennigan-BELL visited the site. The highlight of this week was most definitely the nature masks! The groups that came out this week excitedly got into creating their own nature camoflauge on their masks, as you can tell in this picture to the right!


P1030262 Daybreak came back for their second of three visits on Thursday. One crew of boys became the resident "snake hunters." Whether they were on the hike, visiting animals, or making their masks, these boys had snakes on their brain, and were constantly heading off to the nearby woodpile or forest edge to seek out snakes. Toward the end of their visit, they started mixing a "potion" that they could use to"slow down" a snake, full of berries, mud, leaves, and anything else they could find outside!

In addition, our staff took time this week to practice a couple of new games in the woods. From a visit to the Un-Nature trail, to color and shape scavenger hunts, and even to a bit of fort building and stick sculpture, they are looking forward to breaking out their new skills on hikes with kids in the coming weeks!