Finishing up Fall Explore Club with Lincoln METCO

P1050801On November 24th, the Lincoln METCO 4th and 5th graders marked the conclusion of their Farrington Explore Club with a visit to Farrington Nature Club. Taking advantage of the chilly but dry day, we hiked out to the big rock on the edge of the property. We stopped on the boardwalk and spent a couple of moments silently observing what the environment looked like in November. We will be revisiting this same spot in April, so they will be able to compare what they saw in November with what they will see then. Of course, no trip to the big rock is complete without an opportunity to climb. Even those students who usually shied away from challenges eventually decided to climb up, practicing their balance and physical skills.

One of our students who often struggled to connect with activities done in the classroom convinced the whole group that our visit to Farrington would not be complete without a final round of Hawkeye. This student, so anxious and hard to focus inside, thrives during this game, enjoying running through the woods, finding good spots to hide, and trying to maintain silence so he can stay hidden. It was wonderful to see him so activated by the game.

After we walked back to the Farm House, we asked the students what they enjoyed about their semester with Farrington Explore Club. Many asked why we can’t have Explore Club every week, and were nearly incredulous when told they’d have to wait until February for the next session to start. When we asked the staff what they thought of the Explore Club, they said “The kids are happy and tired when they leave Farrington. They ask w20151210_144826hen you’ll return, and they really liked all the projects.” All involved were relieved to hear we look forward to even more adventures this winter and spring, including opportunities for snowshoeing and perhaps even sledding if the weather cooperates.


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