What goes on at Farrington in the winter?

Often times we get asked, “What happens at Farrington in the winter?” In the past, we’ve had a small amount of programs that primarily take place over February Vacation Week. Not so this winter! As we expand our program, we've added many new program taking place during the winter months. It’s been an exciting start to the New Year here at Farrington Nature Linc. We participated in the Lincoln Winter Carnival for the first time this January. Over 25 people came out to make paper lanterns and go on a night hike around our property. While Mother Nature did not cooperate and give us snow for the snowshoeing we had planned, the mild weather made it very easy for the participants to explore a large part of our trail, stopping to build some stick forts and fairy houses as the sun set.20160114_180930

We also started two brand new Explore Club programs at the Morse School in Cambridge each working with different age youth.

All the kids were excited to start the Explore Club semester by making their own name tags out of slices of trees, called tree cookies. First, they use sand paper to sand their tree cookies smooth. Then they get a chance to decorate. For many, it was the first time they had the chance to do any sort of work with tools. They marveled at how smooth they make their name tags just with a few minutes of work. We followed the tree cookie nametag project with the creation of our own journal covers. The students brainstormed and drew things that they think of when they think of winter. Doesn't this example look great?

20160128_165601The younger group (Kindergarten and First graders) have spent a little bit of time out exploring snow, before diving into learning more about birds.   The older group is focusing on trees, and we were very, very lucky to find that the tree that we had chosen to learn about and observe throughout the semester was not only a beautiful, giant tree right across from the school, but also happened to be the home of a neighborhood raccoon!

February will bring more outdoor adventures. Eight groups will visit Farrington over February Vacation Week (cross your fingers that we’ll have snow!) for snowshoeing and sledding. We also will start up our Explore Club program with Lincoln METCO, where we will be focusing on map making.

And last, but not least, we’ll have one more community program on Saturday, February 13th, from 1:30-3:30. Come out to join us for snowshoeing/ hiking and make Valentine’s Day themed bird feeders to get the birds through these final dredges of winter into spring.

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